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Competence Management

Competence Management Service is a service that supports you to manage your Competence Development activities in a cost efficient way. It gives you an opportunity to manage your human capital from a competence perspective in a planned and controlled way


Competence Development

Competence Development Service is a training service that gives organizations the required skills and competence to capitalize your business opportunities. This competence development will help each engineer to develop him/her to meet the job requirements and be successful at his/her defined position.


Competence Mapping

Competence mapping starts with an evaluation of your staff competence and organizational needs, and recommends optimized solutions to those needs with clear links to your business goals.


Competence Consultation

The common factor for companies’ success is to invest in their people, and continually update their knowledge and skills. Competence Consultation starts with analysis of the training and performance needs based on the business requirements and design competence solutions and performance improvement projects for the staff.


Top Tech College Technical MBA Programs

Information and communication Technology has become a choice of specialization in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) among those who plan to be a part of the growing internet-based Digital industries that include e-commerce platforms and technology companies. Global MBA offers entrepreneurs or leaders with a great understanding of the management of people, e-commerce and security. An individual with an MBA degree has an upper-hand in this competitive business world as the post-graduation course provides a conceptual vision and advancing a business to change with technological trends.
To gain a better understanding of how the business world meshes with technology, we suggested the following Technical MBA programs. These programs offer the candidates a solid foundation in management skills along with a high level of concentration in ICT and help professionals and executives to understand the increasing complexity of a changing digital world and to help them to leverage their analytical skills in dealing with both the languages of business and technical.

Top Tech College Coordinate with College De Paris to run three Technical MBA programs. These are a 90 ECTS program, with 500 hours, level 7 RNCP code 37864. Based on Project Manager program from ECEMA, and it is operated in one year with 12 courses and a capstone.

International Student In France
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France has hosted approximately 350K to 400K international students annually, making it one of the top destinations for higher education in the world. This places France as the top non-English-speaking host country for international students and the fourth-largest overall.
However, the number of international students in any given year can fluctuate based on various factors including government policies, scholarship availability, geopolitical events, global economic conditions, and academic collaborations, among others.


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